Lesser Known Facts about the Miamian Geography and Economy

Much hype is being created for the beauty of the nature and the demand of real estate in Miami city. But apart from these there are certain other aspects of this much hyped about city, which are latent to the majority.

Real Estate in Miami

  • Miami was founded on 28 July 1896 by a woman called Julian Tuttle, and was named after the tribes called Mayaimis who earlier inhabited this place.
  • Prior to its recognition as a leading tourist destination for beaches, this was a swampy place full of alligators!
  • More than 10 million tourists visit this place every year for its scenic location and more than 15 mile beach.
  • It houses more than 460 hotels, with about 50000 rooms and 800 parks too!
  • It has the largest skiing clubs in the entire world.
  • These are called as “America’s Riviera” owing to their sub tropical climate and vegetation (an average of 250 days of sun shine).
  • Interestingly, it is the home to more than 150 ethnicities and 60 languages.
  • It has the cleanest water and sir among all the states of the USA.
  • It is one of the cities of prime importance in terms of finance, commerce, entertainment and international trade. It also houses a large number of leading company headquarters and banks.

Got the reasons? So move to Miami into the enthralling beauties and appealing traits of Mother Nature!

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