How To Avoid Real Estate Scams

miamirg : August 27, 2013 2:45 pm : Uncategorized

Are you disturbed with the recent news of real estate scams? Yes? With a little bit of sincere homework you can really avoid these scams. No one would like to feed the scammers with hard earned money. So if you are preparing yourself for an investment in the real estate sector then try practicing the following tips before settling for a deal:

  • Understand the market first. Consult some of the reputed real estate developers and collect the current prices of the real estate market.
  • Avoid any deal that asks for money through wire transfer.
  • Do not pay any money to anyone online, if you haven’t met before he concerned person personally.
  • Do not respond to any call from any company claiming to review your home loan. There’s no rule legally to minimize or review your loan.
  • Before finalizing a deal, collect as much information as you can about the company concerned from the website.
  • Go through the customer feedbacks and reviews bout the company.
  • In case of any doubts, be free to ask the concerned company. Clarify it right from the moment when you get a doubt.
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Flourishing Miamian Real Estate Market

miamirg : August 17, 2013 9:52 am : Property Investment

The sudden uprising of real estate market in Miami has compelled savvy realtors to hunt down the probable causes for it. One of the most vehement and contributing reason in this regard was foreign investment. One more feature has recently been tracked by the realtors. It seems, political instability in Latin America, is compelling Venezuelans to look for safe shelters for their assets in Miami.

This has also contradicted the earlier reports of Brazilians being the highest buyers of Miami properties. It was estimated that Venezuela stands tall in comparison to Brazil in buying Miami properties.

Particularly during the reign of Hugo Chavez in 1998, when affluent Venezuelans were tyrants, politics started getting unstable. And since then, people started looking for peaceful locations. Moreover, the tyranny also continued after the death of Chavez when Nicolas Maduro took over the office.

And what does this imply? Miami is another global location which is sought by the affluent investors. According to the Florida Association of Realtors, the influx of buyers, combined with the economic recovery in the U.S., has created a dramatic turnaround in Miami’s housing market. Sales of single-family homes in Miami climbed 10.3% during the first three months of 2013 compared with 12 months earlier and prices jumped 23%.

“The city is filled with youth, with life, with music. The main difference now, is that the South Americans are not just parking their assets here, they’re parking their families as well.” said Alan Ojeda, a local developer and founder of Rilea Group who’s building a 44-story condo in downtown Miami.

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The Art of Pricing Property- Handy Tips For Builders And Developers

miamirg : August 8, 2013 6:32 am : Property Investment

One of the most common questions asked by many of the realty developers is that, “how to price a property, so that it sells well in the market?”

It is usually difficult to apprehend the correct sales price, but analyzing the market a bit can help a lot in this regard. What is required more is to understand the ongoing prices of your competitors as well as pay heed to people’s perspective.

Don’t ever get mistaken that, market is active and since buyers are delighted in buying properties, they will compromise with any price set before them.

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Lesser Known Facts about Open Houses

miamirg : July 14, 2013 10:01 am : Property Investment

Open houses are a great practice! It is still quite popular in many places of the world. If you are one of those, who find open houses as a reliable method for selling/renting houses, here are some very points for you all:

  • Do not over do. It is seen than many owners so a sort of “staging” like buying new furniture and painting the walls. It’s nice to do all these, but what matters more is as a home owner you need to give more attention to some other important aspects of the home. Take a look of the rugs, and if possible check underneath. Check for the presence of cob webs, ant hills or buzzing mosquitoes in the room, these can be utterly annoying!
  • Open house doesn’t mean simply letting the house open. Give some time to the guests, may be they can give you a better insight regarding your property.
  • If you are a buyer, give a test drive! Explore more about the house, if you feel it can suit you. Learn more about its surroundings, neighbors and landscape.
  • Keep your emotions tight. Letting out your excitement can minimize the chance of negotiation. It is because, the seller by this time would have been confirmed of how badly and madly you like the house.

Read the full article at: http://money.cnn.com/2013/06/01/real_estate/open-house.moneymag/index.html?iid=obnetwork

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Which is the best place to live in Miami?

miamirg : June 5, 2013 9:43 am : Miami Best Places

When there are a lot many options to choose, it really becomes difficult for the buyer to select the best. Same is the case of Miami! In this place where technology and serene nature seem to have been blend together, property buyers find a tough time deciding on the best place to live in. While beaches are the special attractions for every vacationer, those who are for jobs or have come here for education find the towns very convenient.

Here are the some of the best locations of Miami, which usually attracts the maximum number of population owing to its favorable factors:

South beach

It’s needless to mention about the South Beach; it’s an amazing global destination! Anything and everything can be found here; shopping complex, restaurants, hotels, motels and tourist spots also. What makes this place more demanding than its other counterparts is that, it is truly a pedestrian area in Miami. A small city, with all the facilities one has ever dreamt of!

Down Town Miami

This is the most impressive parts of Miami and has a mammoth future ahead! It has the American Airlines, the port of Miami, a soon-to-be-completed Miami museum and the bayside market. It has a great future ahead as some of the notable aspects of Miami are in their developing stage here.


Brickell is the trade and commerce hub of Miami. This places houses a number of banks, insurance offices and business centers of international and national reputation. And its demand is almost at par with that of the South Beach. It is because, people find the real estate market of Brickell quite reasonable than that of South Beach. And more over the price range and the amenities offered here are relatively comparable with each other.

Mid Town Miami

This is the real hustle bustle town of the city. Forget about the pedestrian area and the serene environment (Except night, when it is very silent). Unlike the South Beach, Brickell and Down Town areas of Miami, the Mid Town part is the developed area in the city.

Each and every location in Miami has something unique and appealing. So whether it is a down town or a mid town, living in Miami is itself a bigger experience.

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Miami Real Estate Is The Most Surfed!

miamirg : May 1, 2013 9:50 am : Property Investment

While many countries are still recovering from the economic crisis, Miami has been able to move out of it. Despite being severely affected by the global economic recession, Miami made a quick recovery than its counterparts in other parts of the world. What matters more in this context is that, Miami real estate was one of the severely affected trades during the recession times. The market status got devastated! But only within a time span of six years, it revived its lost vigor. Today Miamian real estate market stands as one of the flourishing real estates in the world. It stands tall with the leading realty markets of different countries. As stated by the Miami Herald, Miami South Florida is the nation’s epicenter for residential sales like single homes and condominiums.

According to a recent survey, Miami is the most surfed real estate market in the internet, next to Los Angeles, by the foreign customers who wish to have a property in the USA. The Miami Realtors Association is quite elated with this and exclaims that this is an improvement from the fourth place of popularity in February this year.

Among the non US customers who look for Miami properties, the leading ones are Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela. France, India, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Germany and Equador also make to the list. Brazilians (especially investors from Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro) have a deep penchant for investing in Miamian properties and that’s the reason why they top the list for hunting Miami properties online. And the day is not far when Miami would be having a new tribe called the Brazilo-Miamians!

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Risk Management While Buying Or Selling A Property

miamirg : April 17, 2013 9:46 am : Property Investment

What are the basic aspects of risk management? How does it benefit both the owner and the prospective buyer? Risk management can be defined as the art or more precisely the tactics of uncovering the vulnerability of a business for different risks. They key risk elements of a business are its assets, agreements, liabilities, contracts, financial obligations and all those aspects which are directly or indirectly associated with the business.

These elements are particularly targeted for risk management for the unprecedented surprise that these pose immediately after the transaction. Business is not all about sale price or down payment, rather one should always be alert regarding the surprising shocks that results from these risks.

One of the safest ways of entitling low risk to a transaction is to hire highly competitive legal advisor and a business advisor who have prior years of experience and expertise in this field.

The principle is the same as the case of choosing a doctor. Everyone searches for the best doctor for treating a disease, so why should there be a compromise in selecting a business advisor?

Read the full article at: http://rismedia.com/2013-03-14/selling-or-buying-a-real-estate-business-risk-management/

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Soaring Price Of Miami Properties

miamirg : March 29, 2013 10:30 am : Property Investment

Miami PropertiesThe median sales price of Miami-Dade County has rose to 26.9 percent in February 2013, a jump of nearly 11.6 percent in comparison to February 2012. The month of February also marked an 8.5 percent rise from that of January.

Keeping cash transaction as a parameter for tracking down international buyers, it has been estimated that of all the condominium transactions that occurred in February around 78.1 percent of them were paid by cash. It is a general fact that around 90 percent of the transactions made by international buyers in Florida are paid by cash. Hence a 78.1 percent figure is enough to show the vehement presence of international buyers.

“Demand for housing in Miami from both foreign and domestic buyers continues to deplete local inventory and to drive significant price appreciation,” said Natascha Tello, chairman of the board of MAR. She further adds, “Miami remains a top market for net migration from other states in addition to being the top market in the nation for foreign buyers.

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Why Are Rentals More Beneficial For Retirees And Job Holders In Miami?

miamirg : February 26, 2013 12:05 pm : Property Investment

The sudden renaissance of Miami from a marshy land to a metropolitan city has embarked the real estate market. Thanks to Julian Tuttle! Those who are unaware of the identity of this great personality are hereby informed that, Julian Tuttle is the pioneer, who recognized the bountiful resource of Miami, amidst alligators and marshes. And since its discovery as a metropolitan city there hasn’t been a turn back for this region except the disastrous economic recession.

for rent

What makes this place a major destination for overseas candidates is its tourist location and the presence of many leading IT company headquarters. Majority of people residing here are either retiree, who have come to enjoy the rest part of their life amidst nature or job holders, who have got shifted from their job areas.

So if you are within any of the two categories and are here for a temporary settlement, then this blog is for you. Just go through the points below and get some ideas of what, how and why of renting out houses in Miami:

  • Rent out houses rather than purchasing them. It is because people belonging to either of the two categories have time and potential constraint in dealing with the beneficiary aspects of a house like maintaining, repairing and payment of bills, taxes. So it’s better for these people to opt for rents as there would be no tension regarding the property.
  • If you are with a low budget then renting a housing unit is more viable for you than purchasing the whole. It saves money and at the same stress and time too!
  • If there is a job shift or else if you plan to change your location from one place to another then leaving a rent house is much easier. You just have to pack your belongings and leave. But in case you own a house, you need to arrange a buyer or else contact different property management companies to look after the property, which are usually tedious.
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Are You Heading For The Perfect Investment Property In Miami?

miamirg : February 15, 2013 10:17 am : Property Investment

Property investment, irrespective of the location and region, are the most messy, confusing yet promising source for investment. None of the human being born on this planet can ever deny the desire of having a possession. And in this endeavor of keeping hard earned money as the bait, many succeed, while many others get trapped with frauds. This is a global phenomenon, where it is seen that people are being cheated off their money and being compensated with a substandard property. So the typical question that arises in this moment of deep crisis is that how to know whether your property is a perfect one or not?

Perfect Investment Property In Miami?

Patience, Perseverance and Diligence!

One of the essential requirements for being successful in any work is one’s attitude and diligence towards the work. Failure in delivering the requisite diligence towards the property selection procedure can have a devastating effect. Unfortunately it is a general human tendency that people learn through tough ways only. Regret and repentance are the two most common traits found in majority of the business transactions and deals. Don’t know the reason, but with so many measures available, why do people fall into the traps of cheaters and frauds? Do not exit the transaction; rather take measures for not being the prey for money suckers.

Haste can be a waste!

Give enough time, interact a lot, learn about the basics of property dealing and finally have all your five senses alert all the time. Don’t jump into a deal when you don’t have enough information about the company concerned. Don’t be in haste! Prepare a strategy and schedule your routine. Collect data about different well established firms, who can guarantee a safe investment. Remain updated with the price and rental commissions, in order to avoid any sort of discrepancy.

Contact Miami International Realty Group and get a safe and secured investment for luxurious condos and affordable apartments in Miami. For further information go through the link www.miamirg.com

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