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Now that the housing market is regaining ground in southern Florida, it is a terrific time for you to buy Miami condos for personal use or as an investment. We at Miami International Realty Group are prepared to assist you in finding the perfect Beach condos to suit your wishes and needs.

With many different properties to choose, Miami International Realty Group offers top Miami luxury condos at competitive prices. Our professional staffs understand the market and also the international investor. All aspects of property purchase are handled discreetly and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Ever since the Miami area was opened to development in the later 1800s, it has been a popular destination for people from all over the world. The tropical climate and cosmopolitan nature of the city attract not only tourists but business owners, bankers, patrons and performers of the arts and many other individuals. The fact that it is not just a vacation destination makes Miami truly unique in its popularity.

There are many new as well as existing Miami condos ready for sale. A housing shortage is anticipated in the area so the construction industry is back on track preparing a variety of new high rise condominium towers in the Miami area. These projects are proud to offer wonderful amenities that appeal to the investor as well as the property owner.

An advantage to purchasing existing Miami luxury condos is that many come fully furnished with stylish, and high quality products.

We promise you the best

Finding a property can be a difficult process for anyone who is not familiar with the area. For that reason alone, Miami International Realty Group is the best resource you can use. Our staff are able to:

  • Listen to your needs and narrow down the best possibilities.
  • Provide advice about financing or get the best deal for cash sales.
  • Help you navigate US legal issues and tax laws.
  • Share our knowledge about the city and diverse cultures.

At Miami International Realty Group, we are specialists who are highly trained real estate professionals. All of us constantly monitor world wide data and trends so that we understand all the options available to you, the customer. Based in Miami, we share that information and maintain portfolios that are extensive and include not only Miami condos for sale but also other properties for purchase, rent, investment or renovation.

Contact us at info@miamirg.com or call us on on 305.374.5188 and get started today.

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