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The awful years of the real estate market in Miami seem to be over and sales are approaching pre-recession levels. To take advantage of the opportunities this upswing presents, it is important to engage the services of a real estate advisor who has the client’s best interests at heart and can offer the most comprehensive listings available.

We at the Miami International Realty Group have access to a wide range of real estate properties in Miami, Florida for sale. We are dedicated to helping each client make the right choice for real estate investment. An extensive portfolio with the most up to the minute listings contains all types of real estate in Miami and the surrounding area. Single family residential properties, luxury condos and apartments, new construction and renovations are just some of the options our team of agents is happy to share with you.

We know the market

Our true strength lies in the knowledge base of each of our employees and our willingness to share information for the benefit of the client. As premier agents for foreign investors, our representatives stay on top of world-wide trends and tailor our offerings based on the interest that Miami has for so many people.

No longer just a vacation destination, Miami has been developing into a world-class city that can not only offer a great climate but also the opportunity to take part in its rising corporate image. As the home of numerous headquarters for global businesses, Miami is attracting a wide base of young professionals looking to make their mark. Entertainment and the arts also share a strong presence in the city and the beaches and night-life are second to none.

There are many different neighborhoods, each with a unique flavor, that appeal to a variety of people. One of our responsibilities as innovative real estate professionals is to be able to match your goals with the offerings in those different areas. We believe it is important to supply you with the information you need and choose the property that will cater to the population you have targeted. Our Miami International Realty Group staff takes pride in our ability to evaluate these options to provide the most appropriate listings for every client.

To contact, you can drop us mail at info@miamirg.com or call us on 305.374.5188

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